“Zéphyros played with impeccable precision and rapt lyricism.”
— The Chicago Sun Times

“The concert was truly an exquisite musical experience.”
— Asheville Citizen-Times

“ensemble so well blended that it glowed from within”
— Classical Voice of North Carolina

“Zéphyros played with passion, total commitment and in one voice.”
— The Daily Gazette

“Zéphyros is a virtuoso group. No doubt its vigorous and enthusiastic approach to music-and the lively banter with which it entertains an audience between numbers-has something to do with its popularity.”
— The Washington Post

“Is there a more inherently colorful ensemble than the wind quintet? The players infused this reading with unified phrasing, feathery releases, meticulous intonation, and mellifluous execution of the meandering lines. They played with the depth of sound and the assured, communicative élan that you expect from a seasoned chamber ensemble. Overall, the playing was persuasive, cohesive, and overflowing with mature artistry. This is a special ensemble.”
— San Francisco Classical Voice

“One could wager that the composer never heard this music quite so brilliantly realized.”
— Classical Voice of North Carolina

“This ensemble deserves such superlatives as ‘brilliant,’ ‘stunning,’ ‘masterful.’ Szervánszky created an exuberant and impressive work which Zéphyros presented with brilliance and precision.”
— The Shelter Island Reporter

“The Zéphyros Winds played all these works with great panache, melding instrumental virtuosity with an infectious joy of music making.”
— Classical Voice of North Carolina

“This young ensemble could convince you that the sound of music in heaven is a delicately blended and balanced ensemble of flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon.”
— The Washington Post

“The interpretation of Mozart’s Quintet in E-flat, K.452, for piano and winds, had extraordinary clarity and was a model of the application of classical style.”
— Classical Voice of North Carolina

“The ensemble created a near-symphonic sound.”
— The New London Day

“Grim and Gythfeldt were the fabulous soloists in Elliott Carter’s very cool “Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux” (1984). …the duo were virtuosic and in complete control of the give and take gestures and especially of capturing the piece’s humor.”
— The Daily Gazette

“Samuel Barber gave his “Summer Music” no program, just the evocative title. Listening to the piece, you can make up your own program. Languid nights. Insect sounds. Children at play. A distant dance. Those and other images drifted past as the Zephyros Winds played Barber’s quintet Saturday night at Tannery Pond. The work’s melancholy beauty (or its it beautiful melancholy?) was mirrored in the well-wrought performance.”
— The Berkshire Eagle

“All five had seemingly effortless virtuosity with their instruments, solid intonation, subtly matched dynamics and phrasing, brilliant solos as needed but otherwise seamlessly blended.”
— Classical Voice of North Carolina

“In a savvy tie-in with the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s current “Manet and the Sea’ exhibit, the Zephyros Wind Quintet, with added piano and harp, will offer some sea-inspired chamber works by Debussy, Ravel and Roussel.”
— The Phildelphia Daily News